Comparative Literature | Major Themes in Literature: Encounters with the Other
C146 | 1105-1114 | Prof. Losensky

Satisfies COAS Requirements for AHLA* *Co-requisite-eng W143
	146 satisfies AHLA and  composition  requirement for COAS,
School of Business and School of Education.  There are 10 sections
being offered, please refer to class schedule for times and locations.
The more we learn about the world around us, the more we encounter
people and beings who are unlike us.  These others may take many
forms.  They may be people of a different culture, race or religion.
They may not be human at all - the animals of the natural world, for
example, or the aliens invented by science fiction writers.  Whatever
form they take, encounters with the other challenge our usual view of
the world.  In coming to know the other, we come to recognize both our
own strengths and limitations.  In this course, we will read a wide
range of literary works in various genres and examine how writers from
various cultures and eras have struggled to confront and understand
worlds other than their own.