Comparative Literature | Introduction to Popular Culture
C151 | 1116 | Joe O'Neil

Satisfies COAS Requirements for AHLA and Cultural Studies

In this course, we will investigate the meanings of popular culture by
studying today's postmodern culture critically. We will concentrate on
the ways in which popular culture has shaped the places where we live:
the home, the city, the nation.  Changes in media bring new messages
about the ways in which our ideas of family, community, and country
should be constructed.  We will explore these changes in some of the
genres and media traditionally linked to popular culture: the
best-selling novel, the Hollywood film, and the shape of the urban
environment.   Students will come to understand the different ways in
which contemporary popular culture can be analyzed in relation to
their own experience as consumers of and participants in that culture.
Many texts in this course contain adult themes and language.  Only
students who consider themselves adults should enroll.