Comparative Literature | Chinese-Western Studies I
C575 | 1141 | Prof. Eoyang

11:15-12:30	MW	BH 317

Above section meets with C375

This exploration into Chinese-Western Cross-Cultural issues is divided
into three sections: (1) Contacts: a survey of the contacts that the
West has had with China, with special attention to contrasting
cultural paradigms; (2) Contexts: an examination of the Chinese texts
which have been translated into English, with a focus on the implied
linguistic and cultural presumptions; (3) Confluences: a survey of
literature derivative of both Chinese and Western sources. The
cultural premisses in both Chinese and Western cultures, ancient and
modern, will be examined from a dialective perspective. The objective
of the course will be to uncover the bi-directionality of
cross-cultural study, how it reveals something not only about the
object of study, but also how it reflects on the subjective
perspective from which the study proceeds.
Students will be required to submit individual exercises during the
course. Undergraduates will be asked to submit a term paper towards
the end of the course; graduate students must prepare and complete a
seminar paper which will be submitted in various stages: prospectus,
draft, oral presentation, and final revised version).
There will be no examination.  Familiarity with Chinese welcome but
not required.