College Of Arts and Sciences | Dreams in Literature and Life
E103 | 0093 | Chaitin, G.

This seminar has two, related goals: to study the use of dreams in
literature, and to learn a method of producing and interpreting
dreams.  Throughout the semester the course will move along two
parallel tracks: at one meeting each week, students will read and
discuss selected texts (and some films) from ancient, medieval and
modern times in order to learn about the debate over the meaning of
dreams—divine message, bodily or mental dysfunction, or voice of the
unconscious?—and to examine the function of dreams in narrative and
poetry; at the same time, in the other weekly session students will
learn and practice the methods of keeping a journal of their own
dreams, “incubating” them and conducting “dream interviews” in order
to interpret them.  The final segment of the course will bring the
two tracks together as we study modern psychological theories of the
nature and interpretation of dreams.  Grading will be based on class
discussion, seminar presentations and several short papers.