College Of Arts And Sciences | What is Myth?
E103 | 8769 | Schrempp, G.

E103 What is Myth?  (Schrempp, G.)
"Myth" refers to colorful stories that tell about the origins of
humans and the cosmos.  Attitudes towards myth vary greatly. Some
regard it as a source of spiritual growth, while others see only
falsehood. Some see in myth the distinct character of particular
cultures, while others see universal patterns. Some regard myth
as "contemporary" and "alive", while others think of it as "ancient"
and/or "dead".

We will explore such issues in the context of an examination of the
origin stories of four cultures: Maori (Polynesia), Native American,
classical Greek, and Euro-American. Lectures and discussions will be
supplemented by visual materials. The requirements will be three
short essays and a mid-term and final quiz.