College Of Arts And Sciences | The Rise and Fall of Ancient Civilizations
E104 | 0100 | Conrad

A description and complete syllabus for this course can be found on the Web

Note that the syllabus is for last year; an updated one will be posted in
December. Changes for Second Semester 2001-2002 will be minor.
The schedule of lectures, readings, and discussion sections will remain the
same, with dates adjusted to the 2002 calendar. The content of the class
assignments will also be the same, but Essays #2, 3, and 4 will be due one
lecture later than in 2001. In addition, Essay #1 will count for 10% of the
course grade, Essays #2 and 3 will count for 15% apiece, and Essays
#4 and 5 (the take-home final exam) will count for 20% apiece.
Participation in discussion sections will count for 20%, as in 2001.