College Of Arts and Sciences | Adventure in Indiana
S104 | 0141 | Galloway, R.

Why do people climb Mount Everest or travel to the South Pole?  What
is the utility of adventure?   This course offers a survey of
historical and contemporary adventure literature through the media of
non-fiction, fiction, poetry and film.  In addition to exploring the
literature of adventure, this class will also participate in actual
adventures with experts in the pursuit of play: 9 year olds.  Our
class will partner with a third grade class from Fairview Elementary
School. Many of these children are from families with little
opportunity for adventure experiences.  We will prepare and go on
adventures with them and in so doing learn about the importance of
play and adventure in the character formation of a human being.
Students must be free on five Fridays between 11 and 2:30 in order to
participate in the adventures with the Fairview students.