Cognitive Science | Seminar in Cognitive Science
Q700 | 0941 | Port


Instrs:  R. Port (Lingcs/Comp Sci), C. Watson (Sp&HgSci) & G. Kidd

Time: 11:15-12:30 MW in C108, Speech and Hearing Clinic

A course for students in any program in cognitive science wanting to
survey a broad range of issues in human hearing, from basic auditory
psychoacoustics to speech, music and ecological perception.  No
background in audition is required, although familiarity with basic
acoustics is assumed.

Basic audition (pitch, loudness, localization, auditory physiology,
etc) plus models for auditory perception and cognition will be
examined by considering, among other things, the nature of the
stimulus information available to listeners.  How are sounds of
various kinds - engineered `test sounds' as well as music and
speech - processed by physiological machinery?  On one hand, rich
information about the auditory stimulus is transduced into neural
signals and listeners can learn to resolve minute details of complex
sounds.  On the other hand, much of this rich detail appears to be
normally inaccessible to listeners.

This course may also be taken as Linguistics L700 or Speech and
Hearing S674, but it is offered at most every other year.