East Asian Languages and Cultures | Modern East Asian Civilization
E252 | 9006 | Wilson

This course will look at the recent history of East Asia, treating the
region as a culture area reflecting classical Confucian civilization and
made up of four main areas:  China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.  Focusing on
China and Japan, we will study how the 19th-century Opium Wars in China and
the U.S. opening of Japan led to far-reaching national and social
transformations, generating varied nationalist and revolutionary impulses
under global imperialist pressure.  We will keep an eye out for issues of
current interest-Japan as an economic wonder, China as the world's biggest
nation and fastest-growing economy, Korea as a divided peninsula with
hostile regimes threatening to plunge the region into war.

Course requirements:
2 books, 3 hour-exams (no term paper)

A paperback textbook-Conrad Schirokauer, Modern China and Japan (Harcourt,
1982)-plus another book for a review assignment:  either ReORIENT by Andre
Frank, or Empire by Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri-you make the choice!