East Asian Languages and Cultures | Chinese Literature II
E332 | 1483 | Stevens

This course examines modern Chinese literature from the May Fourth period
through the post-Mao decades.  We will cover both canonical and
non-canonical works, paying particular attention to the relationship between
literature and the history of twentieth century China.  The course
highlights three main themes: the relationship between self and society, the
construction of gender and sexuality, and the political uses of literature
in modern China.  We will read a wide variety of fiction, accompanied by
select works of literary criticism.  We will also examine some of the model
works and visual propaganda of the Cultural Revolution, when literary
production was discouraged.  Throughout the course, we will emphasize the
place of modern works within the rich tradition of Chinese literature.

No knowledge of Chinese language is required for this class.

Active participation in class discussions
Weekly microthemes on assigned topics (100-500 words)
Group project
Final paper (6-8 pages)