Education | Psychological and Educational Perspectives on Students with Learning Disabilities
K780 | 5958 | Williamson

Students identified as having a learning disability make up
approximately half of all students with a disability in K-12 public
schools. In addition, most students with learning disabilities spend
the majority of their educational experience in general education
classrooms. While the concept of “learning disabled” remains
controversial, it is nearly impossible for teachers, psychologists,
administrators or researchers to fully address educational issues
without acknowledging this group of exceptional students.

This doctoral level course is designed for advanced students who are
interested in exploring learning disabilities from multiple
perspectives. The course will focus on the research in the field of
learning disabilities; drawing from medical, ecological, microeconomic
and social constructivist models. Emphasis will be placed on analyzing
research approaches and in developing a research proposal related to
both learning disabilities and doctoral students’ area of interest.

Course is open to all doctoral level students in the School of
Education. Background in disabilities is not a prerequisite.