Education | Practicum in Therapeutic Interventions with Children
P696 | 5578 | Dr. Karen Gavin

The purpose of this practicum is to provide you with experiences that
you need to step into the role of school psychologist as an
intervention and systems change agent for children experiencing
difficulties in learning or behavior. Through these experiences, you
will develop a working knowledge of a variety of interventions for
social and emotional, developmental, and academic deficits. Through
discussion of these experiences, we will seek to develop an
understanding of forces that may facilitate or hinder implementation
of interventions with children through discussion and practice in the
areas of consultation and systems change.

1. 1-2 days per week at practicum site, depending on registration.

2. Participation in at least one case at the Institute for Child Study
Clinic or another approved practicum site.

3. Behavioral Intervention Project: Students will use the behavioral
intervention methods outlined in the readings and class discussions to
design and carry out a direct intervention (see attached handout for
complete description of intervention project and timeline).

4. Meet with on-site supervisor on a weekly basis; have practicum
evaluation completed by supervisor at each site.

5. Attendance, active participation in weekly discussion/activity
sessions, faculty supervision, evidencing knowledge of any readings
that may be assigned.

6. Development of Practicum Objectives, detailing how you expect your
practicum placement to help you reach goals you have set for yourself
in the areas of intervention and consultation (Due: January 31st -

Practicum Objectives Due:  January 31st
Behavioral Intervention Project:
Description/Summary:  February 21st
Methods March 21st
Final Report: April 27th
Practicum Evaluations: May 1st

Objectives 10%,
Class Participation (discussion, class activity, practicum site
attendance) 20%
Behavioral Project 70%

Practicum Assignment/Finding a Case

This year's practicum arrangements involve both the Institute for
Child Study Clinic and outside placement. Some of you may be in the
Clinic, some in an outside placement, some in both. If you are
assigned to the clinic, your work in both the IU-based clinic and at
Clear Creek Elementary will factor into your evaluation for this
practicum. Thus you are expected to take part in all activities of the
Clinic and Clear Creak that are required if you are assigned to the

One of the ongoing difficulties in P696 is to ensure that you have a
case that is appropriate for your Behavioral Intervention Project. You
are not expected to make your project succeed. Since these are real
world interventions, a certain proportion will probably not succeed.
Thus, there is great deal of room for flexibility on these projects.
But communication is essential. If you are in a situation where you
believe you may have difficulty finding a case to work on, or if at
any time you think your case may make it difficult to meet timelines
in the project, please contact me without delay. In short, the general
rule of thumb is that instructor flexibility on timelines and
requirements will vary in direct proportion to the amount and
timeliness of communication about the problem.