Fine Arts | Survey of Medieval Art
A226 | 2028 | Deliyannis

The art of the Middle Ages, from late Antique Rome in the 4th century to
the rise of the Gothic Cathedral in 12th-century France and the art of
Duccio and Giotto in 13th and 14th-century Italy, spans a multiplicity of
styles, patrons and media.  We will look at the art and architecture of
the Early Christians, such as the Roman catacombs, and of the migratory
tribes that replaced them.  The art and architecture of the Byzantine East
and the Islamic art of the Near East and Spain will be examined along with
western revivals of the Roman model under the Carolingians and Ottonians.
We will then turn to the rise of vaulted architecture in Romanesque and
Gothic churches, and the monumental sculpture that decorated them.  The
art of the book, including illuminated manuscripts  such as the Book of
Kells and the late medieval Book of Hours will also provide a focus.
	The course grade will be based on a combination of two in-class
tests and a final exam, two short written visual analyses, and class
attendance, participation, and in-class assignments.