Fine Arts | History of 20th Century Photography
A490 | 2039 | Cookman

This section for undergraduates only.  Graduates please use FINA A540
section 2044.

We will survey photography as a medium of art and of communication, with
our primary emphasis beginning in the 1920s.

Most histories of photography present is as the interaction of two major
threads: 1) developments in optical, chemical, and mechanical
technologies, which make possible 2) the evolution of photographic vision
among master photographers.  A shorthand phrase for this concept is:
"Technology drives the medium."

Most histories of photography attempt to organize the vast number of
important photographers and iconic images into chronological periods,
artistic movements, or into categories of theme and subject matter; for
example, such genres as the nude, portraiture, landscape.  Most histories
also situate the evolution of photography against historical, biological,
economic and social contexts.  We will explore all these approaches and
will also consider critical ideas about photography and the photographic
act.  Many of these ideas begin in the 1970s with the advent of post