French And Italian | French Dialectology
F672 | 2363 | Prof. Julie Auger

This course deals with geographical and social variation in French. It
opens with a brief review of the history of French and a description
of the linguistic situation in contemporary France. The course is
divided into two main parts: dialectology and sociolinguistics. In the
first part, we discuss the methods of traditional dialectology and the
making of linguistic atlases, we compare those methods with those of
modern dialectology, and we introduce the main OVl dialects. We then
cross the Atlantic Ocean to see how French and the OVl dialects have
been both preserved and transformed in the New World. Finally, we see
how the need to study variation in urban settings gave birth to
sociolinguistics. The questions of norm, social variation, and types
of French are examined and exemplified through recent variationist