French and Italian | Contemporary and Popular Italian Culture
M463 | 2395 | Prof. Edoardo Lèbano

The aim of this course is to investigate what impact historical and
political events, as well as socio-economic and religious factors,
have had on the development and quality of contemporary life and
culture in Italy in all its varied aspects and manifestations. This
goal will be hopefully achieved through the examination and discussion
of literary and non-literary works as well as the viewing of
particularly significant films. Individual students will be assigned
chosen reading material for reporting in class. Active class
attendance is a strict requirement. In additions to two quizzes,
students will be given a final written exam.

Required reading:
Ignazio Silone, Fontamara. Milano: Mondadori (Oscar)
Elio Vittorini, Conversazione in Sicilia. Milano: Mondadori
Additional reading material will be provided by the instructor.