French and Italian | Renaissance Humanism
M604 | 2401 | Prof. Massimo Scalabrini

This course will focus on the culture of Renaissance Humanism. We will
examine such issues as the new awareness of historical distance, the
emergence of modern philology and the controversy on imitation.
Special attention will be paid to the humanistic claim that literature
and literary education (the 'humanŠ litterŠ') are a path toward a more
civilized and 'humane' humanity, and to the ways in which this claim
was challenged. In our discussion, we will also consider some of the
twentieth-century meditations on the question of Humanism, namely
those by J.-P. Sartre, M. Heidegger, E. LÚvinas and J.-F. Lyotard.
Readings will include works by Petrarch, C. Salutati, P.P. Vergerius,
L. Bruni, L.B. Alberti, Erasmus, L. Ariosto, F. Berni, G. Della Casa.
This course will be conducted in English.

Required texts: G. Della Casa, Galateo. All other texts will be
available in the reader.