Germanic Languages | Deutsche: Kulturgeschichte
G363 | 2610 | Derek Hillard

G363	Deutsche: Kulturgeschichte (3 cr.)			
Prerequisite: G300 with a minimum grade of C-. Recommended: G330.

"Religion, Art, and Science: The Conflict in Culture." Perhaps more
than anywhere else, German cultural life has been the stage where the
three modern domains of Religion, Kunst, and Wissenschaft have tried
to define their places in society. At times, one of these areas has
aimed to silence or overshadow the others, while at other times one
has aimed to be the bridge between the other two. It turns out that
at any given time at least two of these domains are in conflict with
other, and this has largely organized German culture. Rather than
focusing solely on religion, art, or science, our course will
investigate the friction that has existed between them. We will
explore how cultural works—essays, descriptions, architecture, film,
and literature—produce the key institutions within and the conflicts
between religion, art, and science.

	-Course Reader
	-Mary Fullbrook, A Concise History of Germany.