Germanic Languages | Deutsche Literatur: Mittelalter bis Romantik
G403 | 2616 | Professor Stephen Wailes

G403	Deutsche Literatur: Mittelalter bis Romantik (3 cr.)	
"Historical survey of major literary developments from the Middle
Ages to Romanticism" (bulletin, COAS).

Because the course covers about 1,000 years of German literature,
only a few major developments, works, and authors can be studied. It
will focus on: the Middle Ages (Das Nibelungenlied); the Reformation
and Baroque (poetry and short texts, in a reader); the Enlightenment
(Lessing, Nathan der Weise);  Goethe's Faust. Der Tragödie erster
Teil; and Romanticism (Eichendorff, "Aus dem Leben eines
Taugenichts").  Requirements are: regular attendance, careful
preparation of assignments, and participation in discussions (30% of
the course grade); a mid-term test (20%); an essay of about 3,500
words (25%); and a final examination (25%). The language of
instruction is German.

Rquired texts:

Das Nibelungenlied   Reclam, UB 642 ISBN 3-15-000642-2

Lessing, Nathan de Weise Reclam, UB 3 ISBN 3-15-000003-3

Goethe, Faust, erster Teil Reclam, UB 1	ISBN 3-15-000001-7

Eichendorff, Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts Reclam, UB 2354
ISBN 3-15-002354-8