Germanic Languages | Introduction to the Structure of Modern German
G451 | 2623 | Professor Rex Sprouse

G451: Introduction to the Structure of Modern German (3 cr.)
Prerequisite:  G330 with a grade of C- or better.

Syntax is the branch of linguistics devoted to the study of the
structure of phrases and sentences. This course is designed to
introduce students to the study of German syntax, with emphasis on
description and analysis. No previous background in linguistics is
assumed. The course explores topics in the structure of Modern German
such as constituent structure, grammatical functions, word order,
tense and mood, the passive voice, and the use and interpretation of

The language of instruction will be German. Reading assignments in
the textbook will be discussed in detail in class in both informal-
lecture format and small-group format. Over the course of the
semester, students will have four (4) written assignments to hand in.
Furthermore, there will be two (2) hourly examinations and a
regularly scheduled final examination. Class attendance, preparation,
and participation form an integral part of the course.

This course counts toward COAS Distribution Requirement in Natural
and Mathematical Sciences.


Wöllstein-Leisten, Angelika; Axel Heilmann; Peter Stepan; Sten Vikner
(1997)  Deutsche Satzstruktur:  Grundlagen der syntaktischen Analyse.
Tübingen:  Stauffenburg Verlag