Germanic Languages | German Culture Studies II
G564 | 2633 | Professor Marc Weiner

G564 German Culture Studies II (3 cr.)
	M. Weiner
	sec. 2633
	2:30-3:45 p.m.
	TR, BH 135

Topic: “Fantasies of Annihilation”

While one might argue that the master trope of the 19th century was
the fear of transformation, by the advent of the 20th century, that
trope had modulated into a series of fantasies of annihilation.
These fantasies provide us with a theme through which we may explore
a host of key features of 20th-century German and Austrian cultural
production against the backdrop of shifting historical, social, and
political phenomena from the 1910s to 2000.  While the course cannot
be comprehensive or even exhaustively representative, it is designed
to provide an introduction to diverse periods, movements, paradigms,
and canonical literary and essayistic texts and films from the 20th
century.  Authors, works (or very often only selections thereof), and
topics to be discussed include: Weininger, Geschlecht und Charakter;
Spengler, Untergang des Abendlandes; Kafka, “Das Urteil;” T. Mann,
Der Tod in Venedig; Pfitzner, Palestrina and selected essays;
Menschheitsd mmerung; Hesse, Der Steppenwolf; Lang, Metropolis;
Theweleit, M nnerphantasien; Hitler, Mein Kampf;
Heidegger, “Rektoratsrede;” Riefenstahl, Triumph des Willens;
Adorno, “Was bedeutet: Aufarbeitung der Vergangenheit” & “Erziehung
nach Auschwitz;” Celan, selected poems; Grass, Schreiben nach
Auschwitz and selected poems; Fassbinder, Die Ehe der Maria Braun;
Bernhard, Heldenplatz; Hochhuth, Wessis in Weimar; and various post-
war controversies including the Historikerstreit; the debate
concerning reunification; the Holocaust Mahnmal;
Walser’s “Erfahrungen beim Verfassen einer Sonntagsrede;” Botho
Strauss’s “anschwellender Bocksgesang;” and the German reception of
the work of Norman Finkelstein.

Owing to the extensive amount of material to be read in the course of
the semester, students will be asked, in lieu of writing a paper, to
make a presentation in the final weeks of the class on a topic to be
determined in consultation with the instructor.

Reading List:

Bernhard, Thomas. Heldenplatz (Frankfurt a/M: Suhrkamp)
	ISBN 3-518-01997-X

Finkelstein, Norman G.  The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the
Exploitation of
Jewish Suffering (New York: Verso, 2001)
	ISBN 1-859-84323-9

G564 Course Reader (available at Collegiate Copies)

Grass, G nter. Schreiben nach Auschwitz (Frankfurt a/M: Luchterhand,
	ISBN 3-630-61925-8

Hesse, Hermann.  Der Steppenwolf (Frankfurt a/M: Suhrkamp)
	ISBN 3-518-06675-7

Hochhuth, Rolf. Wessis in Weimar: Szenen aus einem besetzten Land
(Munich: DTV)
	ISBN 3-423-11849-0

Kafka, Franz.  Das Urteil und andere Erz hlungen (Frankfurt a/M: S.
	ISBN 3-436-00030-2

Mann, Thomas. “Der Tod in Venedig” (Frankfurt a/M: Fischer)
	ISBN 3-596-11266-4