Germanic Languages | Modernity and Tradition in Yiddish Literature and Culture
Y300 | 2609 | Professor Dov-Ber Kerler

"Selected readings in Yiddish literature: fiction, drama, poetry in
the 20th century" (in translation) T, R 4-5:15 pm (3 cr.)	
This course will aim to conduct series of close readings of select
works of 20th century Yiddish fiction, with special attention to
their historical, cultural, and political contexts. Translations of
Yiddish literary works will include selections from modern poetry,
short stories and novellas, and samples of plays.

Max Rosenfeld (ed. & trnsl.), New Yorkish and Other American Yiddish
Stories, Philadelphia,Pa.: Sholom Aleichem Club Press, 1995
(ISBN: 0961087013)

Joseph Landis (ed. & trnsl.), The Dybbuk and Other Great Yiddish
Plays, [New York], Bantam  Classic, 1966.

Joachim Neugroschel (ed. & trnsl.), The Shtetl: A Creative Anthology
of Jewish Life in Eastern Europe, Overlook Press, 2001
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Irving Howe, Ruth Wisse, Khone Shmeruk (eds.), The Penguin Book of
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