Germanic Languages | Yiddish Culture in America
Y350 | 2609 | Professor Dov-Ber Kerler

Y350	Yiddish Culture in America (3 cr.)			
Topic: "Aspects of Modern Yiddish Culture (1880s-1980s)"
M, W 4-5:15pm

The course aims to offer an integrative overview and discussion of
the various aspects and manifestations of modern Yiddish culture. It
will, among others, deal with the following topics: (a) sociology,
ideology, and modern history of Yiddish, (b) Yiddish folksong and
modern Yiddish poetry, (c) Yiddish theater and performing arts, (d)
general survey of modern literary creativity;  (e) some aspects of
architecture and plastic arts history, (f) Yiddish education and
scholarship (philology, historiography, ethnography), (g) 20th
century centers of Yiddish culture.

Emanuel Goldsmith, Modern Yiddish Culture, Fordham University Press,
1997 (ISBN: 0823216950)

Benjamin Harshav, The Meaning of Yiddish,  Stanford University
Press:  Stanford Ca., 1999 (ISBN: 0804735751)

Ruth Rubin, Voices of a People : The Story of Yiddish Folksong,
University of Illinois Press, 2000 (ISBN: 0252069188)