Gender Studies | Sex, Gender, and Science
G205 | 2413 | Prof. Stephanie Sandars

Gender and sexuality have become central issues of inquiry for
scientists in various disciplines and these concepts intrigue
society-at-large. Sex, Gender, and Science explores conceptualizations
of sex and gender from the perspectives of behavioral, biological,
medical, and the social sciences. This course seeks to clarify the use
of the terms sex and gender, discussing the origins of the concept of
gender as distinct from biological sex, and the ways different
disciplines may use the terms. Biological development of
sexual differentiation, and the social/environmental influences that
shape the expression of, and labeling of, gender and gender identity,
may also be covered. Arguments of natural maleness and femaleness, and
those of social construction in gender may be examined in terms of
their implications for the study of gender
across disciplines.