Spanish & Portuguese | Luso-Brazilian Colloquium
P495 | 3822 | Sadlier

Luso-Brazilian Colloquium (3 credits)
Topic: Brazilian Women Writers

A survey of canonical and neglected writers from the turn of the 19th
century to present day. Authors to be studied include: Júlia Lopes de
Almeida, whose novels and short fiction portray the tensions between
husbands and wives in bourgeois society; Rachel de Queiroz, one of the
major northeastern social-realist novelists of the 1930s and 1940s;
Clarice Lispector, whose introspective fiction describes the tedium as
well as epiphanic moments in the lives of middle-class women; Carolina
Maria de Jesus, bestselling author of a diary about life in the slums; and
Lya Luft, author of gothic novels about women living in the German
communities of southern Brazil. In addition to fiction by these and other
authors, students will read essays on feminist approaches to the study of
literary texts.

Primary Texts:

A Reader compiled by the instructor
Carolina Maria de Jesus, Quarto de Despejo
Clarice Lispector, Laços de Família
Lya Luft, A Asa Esquerda do Anjo
Rachel de Queiroz, As Três Marias


Students will write a midterm and final exam. They will also be required
to write a research paper (7-10pp.) on a topic to be decided upon in
consultation with the instructor. In addition to smaller reports, students
will give an in-class presentation on their research projects at the end
of the semester.

P495     3822    2:30-3:45P    MW   BH137   Prof. Darlene Sadlier