Spanish and Portuguese | The Hispanic World II
S332 | 3981 | Prof. Steven Wagschal

The Hispanic World II - S332    (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S331 or equivalent
Reminder:  For major students must complete two of the following
courses:  S331, S332, S333
Childhood and Coming of Age in Spain - Prof. Steven Wagschal
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Office Hours: Tues 2:30-4:30 PM, Thursday 11:30-12:30 PM

This section of The Hispanic World II focuses on literary texts from
the 16th through the 20th Centuries that deal with the Childhood of
girls an boys and/or their Coming of Age into young women and young
men. Most of the texts are prose fiction, primarily short stories; in
addition we will read one full play, some short articles, a poem, and
view three films.

The study of another culture is implicitly comparative, and this
course will draw on your knowledge and understanding of Childhood and
Coming of age in your own society and as they are represented in U.S.
and other literatures and cinemas.
	The course and all assignments will be in Spanish.

	* All readings and assignments must be done before the class
meeting in which these will be discussed or presented.
	* View all films before the class meetings in which these will
be discussed.
	* Attend all classes (If you miss more than three, your final
grade will be lowered by 3% for each subsequent class missed)
	* Active Class Participation (25%)
	* 3 short papers/critical summaries (1-2 pp each)  (3 x 10 =
		- Of these three, one may be an original fictional
piece on the course themes (in Span.)
	* Mid-term exam (20%)
	* Final exam (25%) T.B.A.

Books (available at IU Bookstore):
(1) García Lorca, Federico. La casa de Bernarda Alba.
(2) Matute, Ana María. Los niños tontos.

Coursepack (available at Collegiate Copies) includes:
(1) Anonymous, Lazarillo de Tormes (selection).
(2) Alas, Leopoldo ('Clarín'), "Adiós, 'Cordera'".
(3) Pardo Bazán, Emilia. "El encaje rojo".
(4) Matute, Ana María. "Fausto."

Photocopies (some of these may be bundled as a second coursepack):
(1) Cervantes, Don Quijote I: 10. "El episodio con Andrés".
(2) Matute, Ana María. "Los chicos."
(3) Grandes, Almudena. "El vocabulario de los balcones."
(4) Mañas, José Angel. "Ornitología."
(4) "Tengo 13 años". El País Semanal, 27 de junio, 1999.
(5) Additional materials and texts.

Films will be screened in the evening, generally one or two nights
before class, on a large projection screen (Date TBA). If you are
unable to make it to these screenings, videos will most likely be
available for viewing at a time more convenient to you.

(1) Cuerda, José Luis (dir.) La lengua de las mariposas.
(2) Fernando Trueba (dir.) Belle Epoque
(3) Almodóvar, Pedro (dir.) ¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto?

S332   #3981   9:30A-10:45A  TR  BH137  Prof. Steven Wagschal