Spanish & Portuguese | SPAIN: The Cultural Context
S411 | 3984 | Prof. Kathleen Myers

S411 SPAIN:  The Cultural Context (3 credits)				
S275 or equivalent for students who matriculated Fall 2001 or before
S331 or equivalent for students who matriculated Fall 2001 or after

SUBTITLE: "Constructing Contemporary Spain"
What is it that makes Spain "Spain"?  What images and/or stereotypes
make up our imagined collage of this country?  How do we define its
cultures and cultural production?  This course takes a critical look
at constructions of Spain and "Spanish", seeking to build a more
complex understanding of its cultures, while providing tools to
facilitate future explorations.  We will consider contemporary issues
that define Spain, such as nationalisms and globalization, ETA, race
and immigration, constructions of gypsy culture, notions of gender and
sexuality in the twentieth century, the cultural memory of the Spanish
Civil War and the Franco Regime, and the Spanish Transition to

We will work primarily through Spanish films and literature.
"Literature" will be taken broadly to include fiction and poetry,
newspapers and magazines, and critical articles.  Though less
intensively, we will also use music, the visual arts, and architecture
as we sketch a new picture of

Class discussion and assignments will be in Spanish.  Most films will
be subtitled in English.  Course evaluation will most likely be based
on class participation and an oral presentation, short writing
assignments, a midterm exam, and final paper.

This course carries Culture Studies credit and is highly recommended
for students who plan to go on the Overseas Studies Madrid Academic
Year program.

S411   #3984  1:25-2:15P   MWF  BH016     Professor Myers