Spanish and Portuguese | Hispanic Poetry
S417 | 8788 | Prof. Steven Wagschal

S417 Hispanic Poetry   (3 credits)			Literature
Prerequisite: S331 or S332

The Lyrical, the Social and the Aesthetic

"Art for art's sake" is a tenet of Modernism, proclaiming that poetry
should serve no aim other than poetry itself. Although this
aestheticist tendency in poetry reached its zenith in the early 1900s,
it had been a perennial one for many centuries. Poetry served and
continues to serve aims other than purely artistic ones, such as
nation building, political struggle or expressing the poet's

The focus of this course is to identify and explore lyrical, social
and aesthetic tendencies in a broad selection of poetry from Spain and
Latin America. These categories arise, often self-consciously, from
the poems themselves. However, these tendencies may not be so easily
separated. Is a poem written "for its own sake" making a political
statement in and of itself? Can a lyrical love sonnet reveal how a
society constructs gender? We will look to contemporary theory for
help in elucidating these categories and their interrelationships.

The first two weeks of class will be on the mechanics of reading
poetry (literary language, rhyme schemes, syllabification, theory,
etc.). With these tools, we will then explore the development of the
lyrical, social and aesthetic tendencies in Hispanic poetry.

Readings will include poems by Baena, Garcilaso, Fray Luis, Góngora,
Lope, Quevedo,  Sor Juana, Bécquer, Darío, Juan Ramón, Neruda,
Mistral, Lorca, Salinas, Castellanos, Fuertes and Anonymous.

Class discussion and assignments will be in Spanish.

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S417   #8788  1:00-2:15P   TR    BH144    Prof. Steven Wagschal