Spanish & Portuguese | Spanish Phonetics
S425 | 3986 | Prof. J. Clancy Clements

S425 Spanish Phonetics (3 credits)
Prerequisite: S310, S311 or equivalent

The main objective of this course is to enhance the student's
pronunciation of Spanish, having as the ultimate goal the acquisition
of a native-like, normative pronunciation.  This objective will be met
by heightening student awareness of the Spanish sound system on
various levels: understanding of pertinent theoretical concepts in
phonetics and phonology, application of these concepts in exercises of
both written transcription and oral production, and recognizing these
characteristics in spoken Spanish.  This course provides for a
relaxed, supportive classroom atmosphere conducive to the lowering of
inhibitions toward pronunciation practice.  The grade will be
calculated based on various assignments, participation/attendance,
quizzes (both written and oral), a midterm exam, and a final exam.
The textbook is to be used is "Fonética y fonología españolas: teoría
y práctica", 1994, (2nd ed.), by Richard Barrutia & Armin Schwegler.

S425  #3986  9:30-10:45A  TR  BH336   Prof. J. Clancy Clements