Spanish & Portuguese | Hispanic Literature & Society
S474 | 3988 | Prof. Deborah Cohn

S474 Hispanic Literature & Society  (3 credits)     Literature
Prerequisite:  S331 & S332

Topic:  Literature, History, and Revolution in Modern Spanish American

This course will examine the relationship between literature and its
historical, political, and social contexts in Spanish American
narrative.  We will study the sense that fiction has the power to
effect change, correct official historical discourse, and participate
in a nation's self-definition in the works of Isabel Allende, Carlos
Fuentes, Gabriel García Márquez, Antonio Skármeta, Marta Traba, and
Mario Vargas Llosa, among others.  Evaluation will be based on a
midterm, a short paper, a longer, final paper, a presentation, and
class participation.  Readings, discussion, and written assignments
will be
in Spanish.

S474  #3988  2:30-3:45P  TR  BH015  Prof. Deborah Cohn