Spanish & Portuguese | Readings for Honors
S498 | 3992 | Prof. John Dyson

S498 Readings for Honors  (3 credits)
Prerequisite: S331 and S332

This course is for majors who are doing Honors in Spanish.  This S498,
section 3992 meets with S480, Argentine Literature.  If you are
leaning toward literature for your background on your honors thesis,
you may want to consider taking this S498 course.

S498  AUTH  #3992  4:00-5:15P   TR   BH332  Prof. Dyson
S498, section 3992 meets jointly with HISP S480.

Contact Karla Allgood in BH844 for authorization.

See course description for S480, Argentine Literature below:

S480  Argentine Literature  (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S331 & S332

This course will survey writing in Argentina from the mid-19th century
until the present through a representative selection of poetry,
fiction, drama, and essay.  In addition to in-class discussion of the
assigned readings, there will be three written exams.