Spanish and Portuguese | Early Spanish Literature II
S522 | 3994 | O. Impey

Professor Olga Impey

Early Spanish Literature II

TR 2:30pm - 3:45pm/section# 3994/3cr./Ballantine Hall 335

Description and objectives:

S522–Early Spanish Literature II will offer an in-depth study of the
most relevant Spanish literary works written during the fifteenth-
century. "Corbacho," "El laberinto de Fortuna," "Cárcel de
amor," "Generaciones y semblanzas" and "La Celestina" will be read in
their entirety. The romances, cancioneros, the poetry of the Marqúes
de Santillana and Jorge Mannqúe. The chivalric novel and the
historical prose of the time will be studied in selected readings.

The course will explore the historical, social, political, religious
and literary background that produced these works; the genres to
which they belong; the traditions they continue and the innovative
features they contain. Special attention will be given to the
sentimental romance and its resonance in France, England and Italy;
to politically motivated literature; misogyny and the eulogy of
women; the rise of the individual and the disintegration of feudal
values, etc. The course will also trace generic differences and
similarities that link the Ovidian and Boccaccian tale, the "amour
courtois," pseudo autobiography, allegory and "cancionero" poetry
with the sentimental fiction, the "exemplum" with the learned and
popular sermon, etc.

The course also aims to provide students with a basic understanding
of fifteenth-century Spanish literature as a bridge between Medieval
and Renaissance literature, and to develop interpretive skills that
will allow them to read intelligently, comment cogently on given
literary works and to draw pertinent associations with other works,
traditions and literatures.

Class activities and requirements:

The course will be taught in Spanish. Lectures will alternate with
seminar-type classes. In-depth reading of the works included in the
syllabus, active class discussion and familiarization with the basic
bibliography of fifteenth-century literature are expected from
students. Requirements include a 15 page research paper (or an
annotated bibliography of 15 articles), a written and oral
presentation of one of the bibliographical items, and two written