Spanish and Portuguese | Topics in Contemporary Spanish American Literature
S680 | 3998 | C. Larson

Professor Catherine Larson

Topics in Contemporary Spanish American Literature
Topic: Games, Play and Reality in Contemporary Spanish American Drama

MW 9:30am - 10:45am/section# 3998/3cr./Ballantine Hall 221

This course will provide an overview of contemporary Spanish American
drama through the topic of game playing. We will study major
movements in the theater via the texts of both male and female
dramatists, but the theoretical foundation of the course will be game
theory (with a focus on Huizinga, Caillois, Turner, and those
theorists who have used ludic theory to discuss Hispanic drama). Game
theory offers a number of possibilities for working with contemporary
theater, since it touches upon issues of power that have marked
Spanish American history, politics, and society in the 20th century.
It also figures prominently in discussions of metatheater and has
serious implications for movements (Theater of the Absurd, Theater of
Cruelty, Epic Theater) that have influenced the writing and staging
of plays in the last 50 years. Primary texts will include: "El
juego," "Juegos a la hora de la siesta," "Felipe Ángeles," "...y a
otra cosa," "mariposa," "El cepillo de dientes," "La noche de los
asesinos," "Extraño juguete," "Casa matriz," and "El campo," among

Students will produce one short and one longer paper, as well as
brief summaries (written and oral) of key critical and theoretical
material. Active class participation will be an essential element of
the course.