Spanish and Portuguese | Topics in Hispanic Linguistics
S712 | 3999 | J. Lee

Professor James Lee

Topics in Hispanic Linguistics
Topic: Input Processing

TR 4:00pm - 5:15pm/section# 3999/3cr./Ballantine Hall 137

We examine in this seminar the five types of input for language
acquisition: comprehensible, simplified, enhanced, interactionally
modified, and structured. We are concerned especially with how each
specifies (or not) the relationship between form and meaning. That
is, at one of the spectrum, form acquisition can be dichotomous from
meaning, defined as propositional content. At the other end, form
acquisition can be inextricable from meaning. Where along the
spectrum can we locate these five types of input? Readings for the
course will distinguish between empirical research, philosophical
treatises contributing to theory, and philosophical treatises related
to instruction.

Grading is based on insightful class participation, the preparation
of critical bibliographies on the five types of input, and a semester
final project that focuses on one of the types of input.