History | The Environment
A300 | 2733 | Bieder

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	After examining the cultural responses of several Midwestern
Indian tribes to changes in their environments, the course will then
explore Euro-American cultural attitudes toward an environment under
constant transformation.  Topics for discussion in this course are:
biological imperialism in the colonial world, early nineteenth-
century Romanticism and its representation of nature, the post-Civil
War movements of conservation and preservation, and the rise of a
land ethic and environmental activism in the twentieth century.  The
course will end with a consideration of selected contemporary
environmental problems including pollution, toxic wastes and global

Students are responsible for all of the assigned texts and attending
each class.  Grades will be determined by a midterm (40%), a final
(50%), and attendance (10%).

Books for the course are:
Bieder, R E, "Native American Communities in Wisconsin," Thoreau, H
D, "Walden Pond", Manning, R M, "Grassland"