History | Cultural Encounters in Early America
A300 | 2734 | Dierks

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This course takes a global and multicultural approach to Early
American history and focuses on the collision of European, African,
and Native American cultures in the “Atlantic World” between the
fifteenth and eighteenth centuries.  The first half of the course
will investigate the extraordinary revision of what
constituted “knowledge” as Europeans struggled to comprehend and
explain the cultural differences they encountered as they expanded
into new parts of the world.  The second half of the course will
scrutinize European rationalizations of conquest and enslavement, as
well as Native American and African modes of resistance against
exploitation.  Throughout the course we will use ethical dilemmas of
multiculturalism in the past to interrogate our modern pretensions to
a more “enlightened” present.  Course materials feature writings and
images from the past, and include modern film representations of the