History | Afro-American History II
A356 | 2736 | Clegg

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	Above section carries culture studies credit

This course is designed to give students a comprehensive view of the
role of African-Americans in the shaping of American politics,
economics, and culture on the material and ideological context of the
African-American experience in the United States.  This course will
be both chronological and topical in its progression and will touch
on a number of issues which are pertinent to understanding the
dynamics of race relations in United States history.  Some topics to
be studied include slave emancipation, the Great Migration, African-
American in U.S. wars, the Civil Rights Movement, and twentieth-
century black leadership.  Two tests and a final will be administered
during the term.  Tests will consist of essay and short-answer
questions.  Also, students will be responsible for writing a book