History | Survey of Indiana History
A363 | 2737 | Madison

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What’s a Hoosier? This course will offer some possible answers by
looking at the history of Indiana from beginnings to 2002. We will
devote primary attention to change, to understand the people of
Indiana as they moved from a rural, agricultural, frontier society to
a more urban, technological, and global society.  Equally important,
the course will explore the continuity of traditions in Indiana and
consider those themes that made the state distinctive.  And while we
will search for the elusive "Indiana way," we'll also look carefully
for people and cultures that were outside the "mainstream" of Indiana
traditions. Specific subjects include pioneer Native American
displacement, pioneer settlements, ethnic cultures, reform movements,
the Ku Klux Klan, the automobile industry, public education, African
American Hoosiers, and, perhaps, basketball.

The core reading is James H. Madison, The Indiana Way: A State
History.  There will be a course packet and additional readings on
particular subjects.  Grades are based on blue book examinations and
an out-of-class paper.