History | African History: Colonial Rule/Independence
E532 | 2785 | Brooks

Above section meets with HIST E332

Surveys the history of Sub-Saharan Africa from c.1750 to the
present.  There are no prerequisites: E332 is taught as a separate
course from E331.  Major topics include the transition from the slave
trade to “legitimate” commerce in agricultural and sylvan products
and minerals; European imperialism and the partition of Africa at the
close of the nineteenth century; colonial rule and “dependency”
relationships; the spread of Islam and Christianity; the development
of political parties after World War II and the attainment of
independence by British, French, Belgian and Portuguese colonies; the
European Community and Africa; and other current issues.  Assignments
are on UGL Reserve.  There will be a practice map quiz, two “mini-
exams”, a mid-term exam, and a final examination.