History | World in 20th Century Since 1945
H102 | 2647 | Wasserstrom

Above section open to Education Majors only
Above section carries Culture Studies Credit

How did life on this planet change in the decades following World War
II, which saw the inauguration of the United Nations, the fall of the
Soviet Union, the rise of global mass culture, the birth of the
internet, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, the development of
new ideas about gender roles, and so many other dramatic
transformations?  How can we best put these trends and events into
long-term perspective and assess what is and is not novel about the
increasingly globalized world of today?  How can we appreciate the
ways that lifestyles of the present differ in more and less developed
parts of the world?  These are the kinds of questions we will explore
together in this class, via lectures, film clips, talks by guest
speakers, and other means, as well as through readings that will
range from a book of documents on the Cold War to a novel set in
India to a collection of essays by a journalist based in Croatia.
The goal of this class is to supply students with a range of skills
and techniques that can take with them beyond the classroom and apply
whenever they want to place contemporary events into a meaningful
historical framework