History | American History II
H106 | 2720 | Taysom



2720	6:00-8:30	W

This course is designed as an introduction to the history of the
United States since the Civil War.  No background in United States
history is required for enrollment.  We will study post-Civil War
America, corporate capitalism and the rise of the consumer culture,
the uneasy status of religion in a secular culture, cultural
radicalism and feminism, wars, the uneasy spirit of the 1960’s, the
outsiders in American life, presidents, and film as a genre for
studying American history.

The text for the course is:  “Nation of Nations,” vol. 2, by James
West Davidson, et al.  You are required also to read “The
Autobiography of Malcolm X.”  Students are expected to keep up with
the reading in the text and to finish “The Autobiography of Malcolm
X.”  Students are required to take two in-class midterms (20% each;
total of 40% of the final grade) and a take-home, comprehensive final
(30%), write one paper, 5-7 pages double-spaced on Malcolm X (20%),
and attend class (10%).  If you wish to replace either of the
midterms by writing a second 5-7 page paper, you may do so, but you
must let the instructor know by March 20 that you intend to drop one
exam grade and replace it with a paper.  The final exam will be a
take-home given out at the last class on April 24, and it must be
returned to the instructor’s mailbox by a designated date during the
week of finals.