History | Jewish History: Crusades to the Present
H252 | 2722 | Veidlinger

Above section carries culture studies credit

This course will study Jewish life from the Middle Ages to our own
time.  We will look at the changing relations between Christians and
Jews as reflected in the political, legal, and social status of the
Jewish population of medieval Europe.  We will examine the means by
which Jewish identity was preserved throughout the Middle Ages, and
the means by which Jewish people were able to create and maintain a
community within Christian society.  We will see how the Jewish
community responded to these challenges in the forms of Zionism,
socialism, assimilation, and emigration to America.  Finally, we will
look at various non-Jewish responses to assimilation, including anti-
Semitism and the Holocaust.

Students will be graded based on short review papers and examinations.