History | American Jewish History
H259 | 2723 | Katz

Above section carries culture studies credit

Jewish life in North America started in 1654; today the United States
contains more Jews than any other country.  This course introduces
students to the development of the American Jewish community, from
its colonial beginnings to the present, emphasizing such topics as:
the five discernible waves of Jewish immigration; patterns of Jewish
settlement and economic activities; communal ties and philanthropic
organizations; diversity within Jewish religious affiliation; the
impact of Yiddish on Jewish and American culture; American Jewish
reactions to the Holocaust; the nature of American anti-Semitism;
Jews and the American political system; and American Zionism and the
issue of Israel.

There are no prerequisites for this course, and students need not
have taken History H251-H252 or History H105 or H106.  Required
reading: Jonathan D. Sarna, ed. The American Jewish Experience and
possibly one other book.  Two documentary films will be shown, and
there will be a midterm and final essay examination.