History | Colloquium in Britain/British Imperial History
H630 | 2789 | Wahrman

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Above section meets with CULS C701


This colloquium is a broad introduction to Britain in the eighteenth
century, and is intended to serve as the basis for preparation for
general exams.  Organized thematically, it introduces basic
developments during this period and surveys some of the essential
secondary literature in the field.  The course will allow us to
interrogate key concepts and narratives shaping our understanding of
this period—freedom and bondage, modernity and ancien regime, England
and Britain, empire and exploration, hierarchy and misrule, religion
and secularization, radicalism and revolution.  AT the same time we
will also evaluate the contribution of different historiographic
approaches to the study of this period—intellectual, social,
economic, political and cultural history, to name but the most
obvious ones.  The course will be evaluated through a historiographic
paper as well as short presentations in class.