History | From Shaka to Mandela
J200 | 2725 | Martin

Above section COAS intensive writing section and also requires
registration in COAS W333.
Above section limited to freshmen and sophomores only, and to junior
History majors.
Junior History majors should see the History Advisor in BH 706 for on-
line authorization.	


Life histories are sometimes about exceptional people (in this case,
they are usually called biographies), and they are sometimes about
ordinary folk who seem representative of the experience of a group
(women, youth, workers, etc).  In this course, we will consider both
celebrated individuals and individuals who can tell us more about the
daily life of common people.  In both cases, we can learn something
about the times in which they lived.  The vivid and often dramatic
history of South Africa is a blend of striking individual achievement
and grass-roots determination and creativity.  It well lends itself
to study through life histories.

There will be no exams in this course.  The class will focus on
reading life histories; discussing the individual lives and their
times; and writing short papers.  We will also look at videos that
will help us to contextually view the lives more broadly.  The course
fulfills the Intensive Writing requirement.