History | Space, Nature, Culture, and the City
J400 | 2778 | Bieder

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Above section COAS intensive writing section and also requires
registration in COAS W333

This course focuses on American cities in the nineteenth and
twentieth centuries and how successive urban cultures interpreted
space and nature.  These interpretations were not arrived at without
debate engendered by economic, social and political interests.  In
this seminar, we will consider such contested areas as public
squares, zoning, settlement patterns, garden cities, urban planning,
suburban development, and urban sprawl.  To stress the American
response to developments in these areas we will sometimes have
occasion to look at European cities.

For each seminar meeting, two or three students will make oral
presentations on assigned readings.  Besides these oral
presentations, students will be required to write position papers of
two or three pages on each topic.  They will also be responsible for
reading the three or four required texts.  Because this is an
intensive writing section, there will be two major writing
assignments.  The first will be a prospectus on a particular topic
and will include a bibliographical essay.  The second paper will be a
research paper on the topic of the prospectus.  Attendance for each
meeting is required.