History | Women, Gender, and Enlightenment
J450 | 2779 | Knott

2779	2:30P-4:30P		R	BH 221		KNOTT
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“Enlightenment” was the goal of eighteenth-century thinkers.  They
sought to banish superstition, advance science, and apply reason, all
to the ends of human progress.   Until recently, this triumphant
story found little place for women or gender; the Enlighteners were
educated European men applying universal and modern ideals.  The work
of women and gender historians has changed this picture of our past.
Why and how?  We will examine the role of French, British, and
American women in Enlightenment, and the place of gender in the
development of enlightened ideas.  Topics will include the
enlightenment institutions of the secret society and the salon;
enlightenment histories and narratives of progress; changing
definitions of sex; women reading and writing; republican motherhood
and the rights of women during the American and French Revolutions.

There will be weekly primary and secondary source readings of 100-150
pages.  Primary readings will include extracts from Lord Kames, Fanny
Burney, Benjamin Rush, Mary Wollstonecraft and the first best-selling
American novelist, Susanna Rowson.  This is an intensive writing
course.  Evaluation will be based on class participation and
collaboration, two short papers and a 10 page research paper.