Honors | The Literature of Italian Renaissance Art
C355 | 1128 | Bondanella

The literature of Italian Renaissance art will survey the major
literary works on art by Italian artists during the Renaissance
period.  While it is common knowledge that Italian painters,
sculptors, and architects produced some of the greatest masterpieces
in their fields during this period, it is less known that they also
wrote some of the most influential works on the history of art, on
discussions of the definition of artistic creativity, and on artistic
biographies. Works to be examined include: Cellini's My Life; Vasari's
Lives of the Artists; Cennini's The Craftsman's Handbook; Alberti's On
Painting; Michelangelo's poetry; Da Vinci's notebooks; and Carlo
Ridolfi's Life of Titian. Discussions of the literary or historical
works in class will be combined with analyses of a number of the works
of art mentioned in the texts.