Honors | Language and Politics
E104 | 0105 | Obeng

This course explores the language of politics. In particular, it
examines how politicians or political actors and political
commentators use language to talk about politics and how politics
also influences language. We will examine the speeches of
politicians, party propaganda, slogans, and other discourse types
aimed at influencing the political process. Also examined is the
language used in communicative events like congressional or
parliamentary sessions, cabinet meetings, state of the union address,
and so forth. The political actors whose language will be examined
include presidents and vice-presidents, members of Congress,
parliamentarians, senators, governors, and action group members.

Because the course involves investigating how language and politics
influence each other, the course will cross disciplines like
political science, journalism, and communication. To help broaden
students' perspectives on language and politics the course will not
focus exclusively on language and politics in the United States. To
this end, the course will occasionally cross cultural/national
boundaries by observing data from the United Kingdom and non-Western
cultures, especially Africa (Ghana).