Honors | Medieval Court
M200 | 3176 | Lindenbaum

This course asks students to imagine what it was like to live at the
court of an English king or great nobleman in the late Middle Ages. We
will learn about everday life in a castle: how people at court spent
their time,the sources of the lord's income ande life style, and the
important roles played by the women of the household. We'll also
investigate the courtiers' encounters with other cultures, and, of
course, how they entertained themselves with stories of chivalry and
courtly love. Each student will choose an actual noble person or
retainer of the time through whose eyes to experience life at court.
We'll sample the kind of reading courtiers liked to do -- not just
romances (including legends of King Arthur), but also biographies of
medieval celebrities, saints' lives, and  rule-books of good manners
and chivalry. For writing, there will be short papers in which you
recreate the daily occupations and reading experiences of a courtly

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